Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ask a Smoosher

Got a polymer clay question? Just click "smooshing thoughts" below and put your question(s) in a reply to this post. Various artists will answer your questions and we will post them here on the blog in a few days.
Please ask your questions by Friday, May 22nd at midnight Central US/Mexico time.

2 Smooshing Thoughts:

UBK said...

So talk to me about sculpture. What kind of wire do you use for your armiture? What about "thick" sculptures...I've heard of people using crumpled I bake as usual?

Sanding...I know several people use different grits to sand, but what is the real secret to the wet/dry sanding?

I've heard Future floor wax is the best for polishing (if you don't want to buy the expensive sculpey stuff). I have Mop n Glo, turtle wax, mother's wax, and half a dozen car wax samples from distributors. Would those work too?

I'm having a pickle of a time with mica shift. I have the tissue blade but can't - for the life of me - get an even cut. It tends to smoosh and twist. Help?

I'm also "not getting" the part about pressing stuff into the clay once you have the mica aligned. How deep is too deep? How deep is not enough?

I loved the post about orginization, those totes are too awesome, do you organize/package your open packages of clay? I have mine in ziploc bags for now, but it seems there is probably an easier way. Suggestions?

Thanks again for answering my questions!

HaffinaCreations said...

Can you use acrylic paint with TLS? If you put thick layer of TLS will it still go clear or is it like translucent or frost clay? If you are going to put clay on a tin or glass item is there anything specific you need to do to make it stick?