Sunday, May 3, 2009

Introducing LaDeDaCreations


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LaDeDaCreations for items that are GROOVY, FUN, CRAZY, or just plain cute.

What got you interested in polymer clay as a medium?
For many years I've enjoyed making jewelry. About 12 years ago I found that I could make my own beads out of polymer clay and was so excited!.

What inspires you to create?
I don't have any one thing that inspires me. One day I may want to make beads, another day I may want to make incense burners. My creativity comes more from what mood I'm in than things that see. I do notice that different music will cause me to create different things.

Do you have a favorite technique?
This also changes with my mood. Maybe I am just moody! LOL!.

Of everything you have created which is your favorite?
This is a pic of a snow woman that I did. It was for my friend Kristi and I made the hair to look like her hair and she has a shirt like the one the snow woman has on and she has a bean bag like the one in this piece. The snow woman glows in the dark and the little table next to her is an incense burner.

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What do you prefer to make out of polymer clay and why?
I really enjoy making incense burners because they are functional and you can use bigger pieces of your canes and the patterns shoe up really good. Plus you can make them any shape and size you want!

How do you decide what to make?
All depends on what mood I'm in. (Bet ya didn't see that one coming! LOL!)

Is there something you wish you could make in clay that you have not yet?
I would like to make all kinds of funky menorah's. I have seen many beautiful ones made out of all kinds of things and the possibilities would be endless!


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libertydoll said...

Here items always grab my attention. She has a wonderful talent and a great eye for color.