Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Random Tips

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Always keep everything you use near unbaked clay clean. Work surface, tools, your hands etc. Do not wear clothes that might release loose fibers because you might not even notice the fibers in the clay until it is too late.
I use both wipes and paper towels. I keep them in a square plastic gladware sandwich container. I cut paper towels into quarters, pour about a ½ inch of alcohol in the container and place the paper towels in on the alcohol. Keeping it in this container keeps them from drying out. I use them to clean my work surface, tools, pasta machine, my hands, etc.

I learned a neat tip from for adhering unbaked clay onto baked clay. Take a cotton swab (q-tip) and put a very thin film of petroleum jelly onto the cooked clay where you want to add on more unbaked clay. It works wonderfully!

Do you have a random tip you would like to share?

3 Smooshing Thoughts:

intothedawn said...

Great tip, CP! Is that rubbing alcohol you use? I was working with white clay the other day, and no matter how vigilant, little fibers kept showing up.

A tip about wipes-- I find the cheaper they are, the better. The ones that are more expensive tend to have fluffy fibers that come off and get on your hands and clay. Cheaper ones usually don't.

coltpixy said...

That can be true for paper towels too.

2 Good Claymates - Dave and Carolyn Good said...

I found that out about paper towels and was really frustrated trying to find ones that didn't have lint. Then someone told me about the Shop Paper Towel which is totally lint free. You buy it in the auto-mechanics department. I cut each towel in quarters and because they are so strong, one little piece will clean up and last a long time (I use rubbing alcohol or also a good glass cleaner I put in a mini spray bottle).