Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tool Drool

gamekitty.artfire.com shares Alley Goop

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Alley goop is as 6 minute silicone rubber mold putty system. I was reluctant to buy it at first because it is kind of expensive. You can find alternatives of this at Michaels I think.

Anyway, you mix equal parts of A and B together until it is all uniform in color. Then all you have to do is mold the object into the goo, wait 6 minutes, and then it is set. It is really easy to use and no brush on rubber or anything.

The molds themselves would last quite a bit before it loses its shape. However, since they are so easy to use even if it starts losing its shape it is not a problem! You can simply make another one.

intothedawn.artfire.com shares Handy Little Hand Drill

Sometimes power drills, no matter how fun they are, just aren’t the answer. Especially when it comes to small beads, big power drills and safety. The solution:

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Usually a needle tool or bead skewers do the trick for making usable holes for stringing beads, but sometimes I like to use 1mm or 2mm cord instead of wire, so I find I need a bigger bead hole. I can make a bigger hole in my beads before baking, but there’s always a risk of deforming the bead while making a larger hole if the clay is raw. I find its much easier to just poke a “starter” hole in the bead and then enlarge the hole by hand drilling after baking.

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I found this little hand drill at Hobby Lobby for under $4. It came with 2 sizes of bits and I can use more sizes snagged from my husband’s tool kit. Be sure to enlarge the hole gradually, going up a size or two at a time-- too big of a drill bit too early on can damage your bead.

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Of course, if you can’t find a hand drill or won’t use one much so you‘d prefer not to buy one, an alternative is just to clamp the drill bit with pliers and turn the bead on the bit with your opposite hand. Works just as well!

Another great alternative is to make a set of drill bits with polymer clay handles. Use up your scrap clay or make them nice and fancy in your favorite colors. If you have photos of handmade poly clay tools to share, please be sure to leave us a comment with photo links. We’d love to see them!

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Susan Averello said...

I have been looking for a drill like that everywhere. Unfortunately there is no Hobby Lobby near me. I guess I'll still be drooling