Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tool Drool

Here are a few of my favorite sculpting tools. None of which are technically polymer clay tools.

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On the left are six wax carving tools. Looking at the photo when I bought them I thought I would never use the one on the right. I was wrong it is the one tool I use the most.
Next with the black handles are silicon tipped paint pushers.
The next 3 are knitting needles that have been cut down to a more managable size for sculpting. Then there are 3 ball point stylus'. The last a crochet hook.

What are some of your favorite polymer clay tools that are not tecnically made for use with polymer clay?

3 Smooshing Thoughts:

Corvus said...

The tool I use most often for sculpture is a toothpick. Sad but true- nothing else has made it into a permanent arsenal; it all gets co-opted by everything else.

I also use refill blades for paint scrapers. They're long, flat blades like tissue/clay blades, only not flexible and hugely cheaper. And, of course, I use (and love) my pasta machine.

intothedawn said...

I want to know HOW and what you use your wax carving tools & paint pushers for! Like, what all can be done with them? I have a couple paint pushers, one I don't use because I can't figure out what it to do with it, and the other one I use for smoothing and making face details & nostrils on sculpted faces.

Some of my fave tools are a needle tool, Sculpey "Etch & Pearl" sticks and my clay extruder, all of which I plan on sharing for Tool Drool, once I'm done with work and not sick...

coltpixy said...

I use the wax carving tools to manipulate the clay when sculpting eyes, nose, ears, lines, etc.
One of my favorite tools is a tapestry needle that I made a polymer clay handle for. Before the needle my favorite tool was a toothpick like Corvus uses. The needle has less drag. Like the wax carvers have less drag than the silicon tips. I like the smoothness of metal on clay.